Step by Step Guide to MVP Part 2 – Adwords Test

Step by Step Guide to MVP Part 2 – Adwords Test

Part 2 – Keyword Brainstorming

Is anyone looking for the product or service you want to sell? Using Adwords and spending $100 in the next five days will save you months of time working on an idea that has no demand, or no one wants to buy.

  1. Now it’s time for a little keyword brainstorming – this is going to take more than a football game and you will come back to this over and over again as you test your hypothesis.

Go to Tips for Building Keywords on Google Adwords. Here’s a video to help give you some context and get the 101 tutorial on Keyword Planner. The goal of this section is to determine if anyone is actually searching for what you are trying to sell (product or service) and how competitive it will be for you to land that traffic on your website.

    1. You’ll need a Google account
    2. Create a Google Spreadsheet to take notes
      1. Tab 1 – Keyword and phrase listing
      2. Tab 2 – competitor URLs
      3. In Keyword Planner – enter the keyword or phrase you believe will be most searched for in Google.
        1. Type in the competitor URLs that you believe people will use to find your site.
      4. Ad Group Ideas – this will show you similar campaigns and advertisements
      5. Use your primary language and location – the broader the search the better for the early stage test
      6. Update both the spreadsheet and keyword tool, as you move from resource to resource you’ll want to keep track – e.g. if you decide to test on or other search engines
    3. Are there a lot of keywords or key phrases that can help drive traffic to your site
      1. How competitive are they?
      2. How expensive are they?
    4. Move to “Review Plan” tab – this will give you an estimate of what you will have to pay to drive traffic to your site and what your daily average spend would be for those keywordskeyword_planner_-_google_adwords
      1. Some of the key metrics Google will show you at this point are:
        1. Max CPC or Cost per Click – that’s the high amount that any competitor is spending on the keyword
        2. Clicks – for that price, what Google estimates you will get for click volume
        3. Impressions – how many times your ad will likely be seen
        4. Cost
        5. Click Thru Rate (CTR)
        6. Average Cost per Click (CPC)
        7. Average Position – where you will be on the page listing
    5. You can also setup Google Analytics at this point – you’re in the same login
      1. You will need to add Google Analytics (video) to your site, the easiest way to do so is to add YoastSEO tool
      2. Search Console
        1. Settings – Authenticate with Google
      3. We’ll come back to Google Analytics later – after you have some traffic to analyze.
    6. There are a number of free and paid additional tools you can use to go deeper into keywords and competitive analysis
      1. Go to the Topic Explorer tool at SEOMonitor to type in your key topic. It will create a list of the top traffic site and keywords to use on your site. Products like this are similarly to Keyword Tool but will provide you with thematic data and it has a better UI.
      2. SEOMoz is a time based trial tool, then you’ll need to upgrade to paid. So I’d get started learning SEO with the tools above before you launch into that tool.

2. Summarize your keyword learnings in the Google Sheet. Take a break… Time to ask yourself a critical question? Is anyone looking for the Product or Service that you are thinking of selling? 

a) What is the competition for keywords?

b)Are there any competitors that are selling this product or is it free?

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