Avoiding Epic Fails Fundraising 


Startup Companies have unique needs when it comes to Financial Models.  If you're going to raise capital it's imporant your model meets the standards that investors expect. 


Here's some common mistakes you shouldn't make: 

  • Get all of your assumptions onto one page - and don't hard code things like pricing into your main spreadsheets. Investors will want to do a sensitivity analysis
  • Your expenses will scale overtime - it's good to focus on revenue, but don't forget profitabilty won't happen faster if you forget to scale expenenses 
  • Include all of your recurring expenses - this includes hosting, tools, and even things like GMail 
  • Where will you office and how much will you spend monthly? 
  • Include what you would like to pay your staff - that doens't mean you'll have the cash to do it yet, but at least have a budget in mind 
  • Don't forget to forecast when you expect to bring on staff - subject to funding
  • You're not going to be a $Billion dollar company in four years - so don't forecast it! 

Get a venture ready model!