Startup Financial Templates for Venture

Where do you start to build Venture Ready Financial Models?

First, don’t start with a blank Excel Document and a curser flashing in cell A1! You can do better than that.

I have been doing my own startups and working with startups since 1998. When I launched my first startup we were still doing business plans. In today’s lean startup world those lengthy documents are thankfully a thing of the past.

Even so, you are are going to need a reasonable financial model that will hold up the the scrutiny of the Due Diligence process an investor will put you through. You can’t outsource this process completely. At some point, as the founder someone will ask you a questions about a specific cell on a specific tab and you’re going to have to know the logic behind why it’s calculated that way.

Second, know the basics of business models and market metrics that apply to the financial models you are building. That is how these templates were originally created – to answer a

About Dave Parker

I am Dave Parker a five time founder, I’ve been able to sell three and closed two of the startups I founded. In total, I’ve done nine transactions, selling six companies and buying three companies in operating and Board of Director roles. I spent three years as a Corporate Venture Capitalist for Mitsui and Company’s early stage venture team as Entrepreneur in Residence.

As the SVP Programs at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) I’ve done over 2,000 office hours with early stage startup companies. UP Global was sold to Techstars in June 2016.

I’m an investor and Mentor for Seattle Techstars Fund. What I’ve founder consistently in these founder meetings, is a lack of understanding of business model and financial models that will help you make the decision to double down on your personal investment of time and money or kill the idea!